How Much Are Guitar Lessons? An idea about cost & gain

The sound of guitar amazes us all. The lovely rhythm to rough lead touches our mind whenever we hear it. As time goes by sometimes a question arises in our mind. Instead only listening why not I myself play the instrument? Yeah of course you can play that. But you need to learn it first. Then the second question arises. How much are guitar lessons?

How & where?

There’re various ways to learn guitar. You can learn guitar from your school music sessions. Also it’s possible to learn guitar from a professional guitarist. But when you are out of all these option because lack of time or any other cause you can learn it online!
Yes, it’s true. There’re many sites which give free guitar lessons. As well as there’re also sites which charges some fee and give lesson. One can also try guitar tutorial pack which consists of DVD, manual & online also. Now again the question is how much are guitar lessons?

How much you have to pay?

If you take private lessons from a guitarist or an instructor it will cost you about $15-$25 for a half hour. If it turns to a full hour then the cost is about $20-$45 per hour. If you go to a school of music & take part in a group class the cost will be about $40-$80. From my personal experience I think it is better to learn guitar with a group. The benefit in this case is you can share your views with others. Also if you missed out anything from your instructor then you can easily get it from your buddies. So how much are guitar lessons was in your prediction? Were they lower than mine or more?

Online or live webcam classes will cost about $20-$50 (or more). You may buy online edition DVD packs which are available on the range of $6-$50. The cost of learning a single song or music costs about $4-$10. Again how much are guitar lessons? Does that match your prediction? To order an online edition pack you may go to

You can take an eagle view on their product and compare it to your budget.

I hopemy post how much are guitar lessons will help you to make a proper budget to learn guitar.


One may try to calculate the gain from learning guitar in dollars. But I’ll say that you can’t count it. Then how one can know about what is his/her profit from learning guitar?
The gain is infinite, yes infinite! Many recent surveys showed that by learning an instrument one can develop his/her function of brain than any ordinary person. It’s also a great source of refreshment. And who knows that one day you may be a legend guitarist? Now my last tip is instead of thinking how much are guitar lessons? You should think how nice it’ll be to play the guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock ON!

Author: Isthiak Ahsan

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